About us

Swiss Malayalees, Winterthur is a social, cultural and charitable Association which based in Winterthur for Indians, especially for Keralites. After its humble start in 2000 it has grown up as a prestigious Association in Switzerland. Swiss Malayalees, Winterthur conducts various programmes for the social, cultural, educational, physical and spiritual well-being of its members. The association promotes the talents of its members and the inter-cultural relations and integration with Swiss-Community. The Teamwork has lead us over a decade to proudly represent the Malayali Community hier in Switzerland.

Aims & objectives
  • Plan and operate various schemes for the social, cultural, spiritual, educational and physical welfare of the members.
  • Extend financial and other aid to poor, helpless, ailing people in India.
  • Initiate projects suitable for nurturing the innate talents of members.
  • Encourage and promote inter-cultural relations and integration with Swiss-Community.
  • Establish friendly relations with similar associations and cooperate with them for the attainment of common aims.

Current office bearers